About Me

Hi Champ,

On this blog you’re find general thinking and comments from my work, my projects and general life.

I am a Digital Manager at an independent digital marketing agency specialising music and brands (who want to connect with music fans authentically). I am interested in new platforms and so-called innovations, and my job is to integrate them into digital campaigns.

I’ll put myself a bit more in context, I’m one of those all rounder types who possibly doesn’t excel at one thing but I find I am able to make connections and opportunities for people quite easily – and generally score points for critical analysis.  And I can’t help trying to make something better if I think I can – almost to a fault.

At school I studied the classic combination of Maths, French, Chemistry and Drama & Theatre Arts.  I went on to study an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology with Development at Edinburgh, with sides of international politics/law and history.  This took me to some interesting places, in particular New Orleans where I researched the social effects of Katrina.  It also introduced me into the field of technology and anthropology, how tech creates new contexts and communities are changing as a result – now a major interest.   As a big music fan, I ended up getting into radio and working media when I left university. Hight lights include presenting on Radio 1 (ok, introducing, but it was fun) and being the Music Editor for Leeds Guide (RIP), really self indulgent stuff.

After about 2 years of this, I got a bit bored of the writing and talking about music, and also the lack of future prospects seeing first hand the changing media landscape – it all seemed bizarrely futile to attempt to hang onto dying formats (but understand why people do). Plus I was always a music fan before being a journalist.   I spent some time working on city centre projects in Leeds and then went back to uni, studying an MA at the Institute for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, specialising in media & comms, digital music, and business modelling (I read a lot about the internet basically).  I worked at a researcher for the arts and culture business development manager at Queen Mary Innovation before moving to a digital music distribution company working in label projects.  I’ve been in my current Digital Manager role for about 9 months.

Hopefully this all gives you a bit of an idea where I am coming at things from.

If you want to know more, you can always find me on LinkedIn

Or follow me on twitter @CamilleJTA




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