Bands to Check Out

I am kicking this blog off with a reference to my past – that is – a bit of music journalism. Yes, I am going to recommend you some music that I’ve come across at work. I’ve not done this is in so long that I am rusty around the edges and now that I work in marketing, I am going to get it in the neck from PRs but I am strong.

First up are Amber.  They might be unsigned but their second track was premiered by Nylon, so they’ve slipped neatly into position to take on some battling record labels.


Take a listen

Online PR:

Now also check out Joel Compass. He is the latest from Blackbutter (via Polydor too)  who brought you Rudimental, and who generally were brilliant last year. He’s a producer who discovered he could sing, and although it’s early days for this chap, I am really excited. In fact, I’m going to see him play on 10th July. YES.

Joel Compa2ss

I also like him because he used to be studying to be a doctor and I generally like people who are able to geek. And teach me things. And also, means he is really open to cool digital projects, which makes my job more interesting.

His track Fuck Up is really very good.

Another Cath band – thanks cath.

Now it’s Embers.  They’re from Manchester, and they weren’t signed before, but I’ve lost interest in following these things step for steps. The main thing is that I am going to see them live next week, and it cost me £3. And also some absurd booking fee, but let’s not be negative.  Here is a video of them live in a big room. I can’t explain greatness, so take a look. It’s been about ages, I am not a tastemaker, I am just sharing because I excited to see them play! Also, if you look closely you can see Lins formerly of Mother Vulpine/Grammatics/Honour Before Glory on the cello, and that lass from My First Tooth on the …violin?  I was quite proud of myself for recognising them (geek).


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